The Cure: Trilogy Live in Berlin [Blu-Ray]

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Категории: Музыка\Концерты Blu-ray Рок-музыка
Артикул: 1606
Название: The Cure: Trilogy Live in Berlin
Год: 2002
Студия: Eagle Vision
Продолжительность: 03:01:31
Аудио: Английский (DTS-HD Master Audio, 6 ch, 7999 Кбит/с) / (AC3, 6 ch, 640 Кбит/с) / (LPCM Audio, 2 ch, 4608 Кбит/с)
Видео: 1920x1080
Тип: Blu-ray
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The Cure: Trilogy Live in BerlinВыступление в Берлине 11 и 12 ноября 2002 года.Треклист 1 - "Pornography" :01. "One Hundred Years"02. "A Short Term Effect"03. "The Hanging Garden"04. "Siamese Twins"05. "The Figurehead"06. "A Strange Day"07. "Cold"08. "Pornography"Треклист 2 - "Disintegration" :01. "Plainsong"02. "Pictures of You"03. "Closedown"04. "Lovesong"05. "Last Dance"06. "Lullaby"07. "Fascination Street"08. "Prayers for Rain"09. "The Same Deep Water as You"10. "Disintegration"11. "Homesick"12. "Untitled"Треклист #3 - "Bloodflowers" :01. "Out of This World"02. "Watching Me Fall"03. "Where the Birds Always Sing"04. "Maybe Someday"05. "The Last Day of Summer"06. "There Is No If..."07. "The Loudest Sound"08. "39"09. "Bloodflowers"Encore section :10. "If Only Tonight We Could Sleep"11. "The Kiss"