Skillet [CD/mp3]

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Категории: Rock Музыка MP3
Артикул: 44020
Название: Skillet
Жанр: Rock
Страна: США
Аудио: 256 kbps
Тип: CD/mp3
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В заметки

1996 – Skillet/01. I Can/02. Gasoline/03. Saturn/04. My Beautiful Robe/05. Promise Blender/06. Paint/07. Safe With You/08. You Thought/09. Boundaries/10. Splinter

1998 – Hey You, I Love Your Soul/01. Hey You, I Love Your Soul/02. Deeper/03. Locked In A Cage/04. Your Love (Keeps Me Alive)/05. More Faithful/06. Pour/07. Suspended In You/08. Take/09. Coming Down/10. Whirlwind/11. Dive Over In/12. Scarecrow

2000 – Invincible/01. Best Kept Secret/02. You Take My Rights Away/03. Invincible/04. Rest/05. Come On To The Future/06. You’re Powerful/07. I Trust You/08. Each Other/09. The Fire Breathes/10. Say It Loud/11. The One/12. You’re In My Brain Angels Fall Down

2001 – Alien Youth/01. Alien Youth/02. Vapor/03. Earth Invasion/04. You Are My Hope/05. Eating Me Away/06. Kill Me Heal Me/07. The Thirst Is Taking Over/08. One Real Thing/09. Stronger/10. Rippin’ Me Off/11. Will You Be There (Falling Down)/12. Come My Way

2004 – Collide/01. Forsaken/02. Savior/03. Open Wounds/04. A Little More/05. My Obsession/06. Collide/07. Fingernails/08. Imperfection/09. Under My Skin/10. Energy/11. Cycle Down

2006 – Comatose/01. Rebirthing/02. The Last Night/03. Yours To Hold/04. Better Than Drugs/05. Comatose/06. The Older I Get/07. Those Nights/08. Falling Inside The Black/09. Say Goodbye/10. Whispers In The Dark/11. Looking For Angels

2009 – Awake/01. Hero/02. Monster/03. Don’t Wake Me/04. Awake And Alive/05. One Day Too Late/06. It’s Not Me It’s You/07. Should’ve When You Could’ve/08. Believe/09. Forgiven/10. Sometimes/11. Never Surrender/12. Lucy/13. Dead Inside (Bonus Track)/14. Would It Matter (Bonus Track)/15. Monster (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track)

2013 – Rise/01. Rise/02. Sick Of It/03. Good To Be Alive/04. Not Gonna Die/05. Circus For A Psycho/06. American Noise/07. Madness In Me/08. Salvation/09. Fire And Fury/10. My Religion/11. Hard To Find/12. What I Believe/13. Battle Cry (Bonus Track)/14. Everything Goes Black (Bonus Track)/15. Freakshow (Bonus Track)

2017 – Unleashed/01. Feel Invincible/02. Back From The Dead/03. Stars/04. I Want To Live/05. Undefeated/06. Famous/07. Lions/08. Out Of Hell/09. Burn It Down/10. Watching For Comets/11. Saviors Of The World/12. The Resistance