Vallenfyre - A Fragile King (Lp, Vinyl)

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Категории: Музыка CD Виниловые пластинки (LP)
Артикул: 44954
Название: Vallenfyre - A Fragile King (Lp, Vinyl)
Тип: Виниловая пластинка (Vinyl, LP, EP)
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A1 All Will Suffer

A2 Desceration

A3 Ravenous Whore

A4 Cathedrals Of Dread

A5 As The World Collapses

A6 A Thousand Martyrs

B1 Seeds

B2 Humanity Wept

B3 My Black Siberia

B4 The Divine Have Fled

B5 The Grim Irony

B6 Majesty Dethroned