Bunny Berigan - The Complete (2 LP, Vinyl)

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Категории: Музыка CD Виниловые пластинки (LP)
Артикул: 44876
Название: Bunny Berigan - The Complete (2 LP, Vinyl)
Тип: Виниловая пластинка (Vinyl, LP, EP)
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В заметки

A1 A Strange Loneliness 2:55

A2 In A Little Spanish Town 3:12

A3 Black Bottom 3:21

A4 Trees 3:17

A5 Russian Lullaby 3:04

A6 Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man 3:35

A7 Piano Tuner Man 3:31

B1 Heigh-Ho 2:43

B2 A Serenade To The Stars 3:14

B3 Outside Of Paradise 2:57

B4 Downstream 3:20

B5 Sophisticated Swing 3:30

B6 Lovelight In The Starlight 3:04

B7 Rinkatinka Man 3:15

C1 An Old Straw Hat 3:16

C2 I Dance Alone 2:46

C3 Never Felt Better, Never Had Less 3:12

C4 I've Got A Guy 3:01

C5 Moonshine Over Kentucky 3:00

C6 Round The Old Deserted Farm 3:21

C7 Azure 3:15

D1 Somewhere With Somebody Else 2:55

D2 It's The Little Things That Count 3:23

D3 Wacky Dust 2:52

D4 The Wearin' Of The Green 3:31

D5 The Pied Piper 3:12

D6 Tonight Will Live 3:04

D7 And So Forth 3:02